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eCTD 247 Enterprise is:

  • a comprehensive submission management system
  • with complete submission life cycle management
  • an on premise web based offer that requires no installation on the user’s browser
  • with an included high end EDMS (Enterprise Document Management System)
  • pre-configured according to the DIA EDM Reference Model, but which you can completely tailor to your specific needs
  • fully 21 CFR part 11 compliant (complete traceability and electronic signature)

eCTD 247 Enterprise allows you to:

  • build, publish, validate and submit your IND, NDA, ANDA or BLA submissions, whatever your level of eCTD expertise
  • manage your submission in eCTD format, as well as other electronic formats such as NeeS or vNeeS and in paper format (CTD)
  • manage your regulatory documents (no limit on number of documents) and their life cycle
  • easily share your documents and submissions internally or externally
  • publish by yourself if you have simple eCTD submissions, or get help with our submission services if your submission is complex
  • contact our support at any time if you need help
  • modify the configuration or build a different one, with or without the help of our professional services team

If you wish to outsource the creation of your first dossier, you can either give access to your application to our eCTD expert or ask us to provide submission services. Please consult the Service page to learn more about our services.

Please contact our sales team for a detailed quote.


eCTD submission

eCTD templates Submission templates that conform to ICH eCTD standards are also provided for:

  • Modules 2-5
  • Module 1 for Europe, Switzerland, the United States, Canada and GCC


Submission dossier compilation Adding documents to your submission is as easy:

  • Drag and drop documents from the EDMS interface to the eCTD dossier interface
  • Documents will always be up to date in your dossier should a new document version be created


STF file management

  • You can generate your STF file (Study Tagging File) for publishing your eCTD application to the FDA.


eCTD ValidatorThe eCTD Validator operates before and after publication:

  • The validation reports any non-conforming element of the dossier (incorrect filename, missing elements, too large files, etc)
  • Direct access to the incorrect items
  • The user can edit before making the publication


Generation of the publicationFrom a template, you can publish a complete dossier or a part of that dossier, which will be included in the complete dossier. You can also duplicate a dossier for submission to a new region. The dossier generates all the necessary elements for you:

  • The folder trees
  • The XML Backbone files: envelope and regional, STF file


Submission dossier life-cyclee-CTD sequences enable management of the dossier life cycle. You can view:

  • a consolidated version of the dossier (the set of all sequences that have occurred)
  • a differential release (additions, modifications or deletions of the current sequence).


Submission managementSubmissions are a special type of document and benefit natively from:

  • Automatic calculation of references
  • Management of the approval cycle (configurable for each file type)
  • Automatic recipient notification (configurable by e-mail)
  • Version management
  • Storage, archiving of documents


Electronic publication visualization

  • It is possible to generate a draft eCTD, NeeS or vNeeS publication. The draft for example enables validation during the composition of the dossier to ensure the hyperlinks based navigation is correct.


Publication management

  • The result of the eCTD, NeeS or vNeeS publication of a dossier is stored in the Document Management System. Any publication submitted to an agency is preserved identically and securely. You can view it without extracting the publication on a file server. It is also possible to archive your files for long-term preservation.


Hyperlink managementAn advanced hyperlink management function is provided:

  • The links of all PDF documents of a dossier are analyzed and invalid links are reported.
  • You can change these links to make them valid
  • You can insert “submission-level” links


Document management


eCTD 247 Enterprise comes with Ennov Doc EDM (Enterprise Document Management) solution integrated. You can drag and drop your documents from the EDM to the submission management interface.


Documents templates

  • The EDMS enables use of document templates for all required document types.


DIA EDM reference modelThe DIA EDM reference model is an industry standard that will save you time and lower risk configuring your application.

  • eCTD247 Enterprise is pre-configured according to the DIA EDM Reference Model
  • You can change this configuration
  • You can build an entirely new configuration


Metadata basedEnnov’s EDMS is metadata based. That means your documents will always be quick and easy to retrieve:

  • The powerful search engine uses both document contents and metadata to search for the document
  • Configurable views enable to browse the document database according to any metadata combination


Common capabilities

Collaborative work

  • Several authors can work together on the same document or the same submission. A check-in/check-out mechanism allows to coordinate their modifications.


21CFR Part 11 traceability and electronic signature

  • eCTD 247 is fully compliant with 21CFR Part 11 requirements of the FDA.


Other publication formats

Paper submissionsYou need to handle CTD paper submissions. Dossiers are compatible with paper submission:

  • you just need to change your output from electronic to print!
  • Advanced paper publishing capabilities: managing hyperlinks printed in document margins, etc


21CFR Part 11 traceability and electronic signature

  • eCTD 247 is fully compliant with 21CFR Part 11 requirements of the FDA.


  • eCTD 247 Enterprise also enables to publish in NeeS or vNeeS (for veterinary customers).



Please contact us for a quote that will take into account all your specific requirements. Enterprise pricing is per user.

Next steps

With Ennov eCTD247 Enterprise, you might expect to be up and running within 1-3 months depending upon the extent of local configuration, training, business integration and validation required:

  • Create your free account now to evaluate the core features of the software
  • Contact Ennov to discuss your requirements now
  • Agree contract terms
  • Install local system, and undertake Enterprise system configuration (with or without Ennov consultancy support)
  • A validation package is proposed by Ennov, but you may need to undertake additional steps to comply with your internal company policies
  • Receive full user training
  • Start using Ennov eCTD Enterprise in production within 1-3 months

Once you have sent us your contact request, our sales team will quickly contact you.

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